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Promoting your business or organisation with your message is paramount.  An easy low cost way to do this is with a room thermometer card bearing your company details and information.   Monitoring temperature safely is important for most people. Now with our new easy read colour thermometer display, this is even easier.  Customer feedback has been extremely positive about this ground-breaking technology developed in the UK.  For those who prefer, we still offer the original 9-27°C thermometer strip on a card at the same price!

Contact us for a free sample or ring 0207 118 3123.

Our customers include the NHS, childcare centres, local government and many other organisations who appreciate the need to check, control and monitor room temperatures.  Uses include baby and child safety, care for the elderly with the concerns of hypothermia and hyperthermia, or as an energy saving guide to maintaining eco-friendly temperatures in the home or office, as recommended by The Energy Saving Trust.

We would be happy to send you a sample of our thermometer cards availabe in this promotion, and for a limited time, both are at the same highly competitive price (Pricing on reverse side of the card).

For those who wish to produce their own cards, we can also supply just the thermometer strips, so please contact us for prices. We do produce thermometers in many sizes for all occasions and will be happy to supply any information you require.  We pride ourselves on giving you the best offers and most up to date technology at a very competitive price.
Easy Read Thermometer strip